2019 season started with the ORC Worlds participation for Irony Team in Sibenik, Croatia witch proved to be a great experience also due the fact that out team had Mitja Beltram from North Sails aboard as a coach.

In Romania Cup and Romanian National Championship we participated with 5 teams Irony, Mojo, Nemo, Harmony and Freya. Irony manages to catch the 2nd place in Class B at Romanian National Championship in the last race of the series.

Limanu Channel Cup had 2 editions this year (Start of Season and End of Season),  witch proved to be as fantastic as expected... again, bringing a total of 10 boats at the start. Final results in both events are similar Irony wins, 2nd Nemo and Mojo 3rd.


Irony Team

Catalin Corduneanu, Vlad Rapisca, Andrei Cracea, Alex Georgescu, Bogdan Stanciu, Gabi Chimisliu, Eliza Ecobici, Octav Arnautu, Cristi Grosu.


Nemo Team

Andrei Ionescu, George Ghituran, Costica Balcan, Paul Ciurlea, Schmitzer Radu, Gabriel Ranca, Cristian Ramniceanu, Tiberiu Badea, Andreea Cernatoni.


Mojo Team

Valentin Ciurel, Ioana Tascau, Diana Ghituran, Cristi Marinescu, Coco Rusen, Adrian Dragan, Bogdan Stanciu


Harmony Team

Gabi Borcea (Pelicanu'), Roxana Stanciu, Dan Cristea, Bogdan Raduta, Cristina Ana, Gabi Vlasceanu, George Ivan, Daniel Ivan


Team Freya

George Ghituran, Diana Iliescu, Florin Iliescu

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