2015 comes with a new class and support from FORTINET. We start racing in A class on a Beneteau First 40.7; The "Sail2Victory" team becomes "Team Mojo".

The crew is bigger, we managed to bring onboard 3 experienced sailors from 2014 Tradeville Team (Bogdan Hrehorciuc, Dorian Basamac and Dan Bacanu), an ex Finn sailor - Mario Deaconescu, Deea Buzdugan (former 2014 Happy Sailing Team), Viorel Ion (former 2014 Ondine Team), and 3 new promising sailors Cristi Marinescu, Alex Marinescu, Cosmin Apreotesei.

Team Mojo raced booth official Romanian Yachting Federation competitions, Romania Cup (placed 12 overall) and Offshore National Championship (placed 6 overall) in class A.

2015 Team Mojo: Bogdan Hrehorciuc, Catalin Corduneanu, Cristi Grosu, Andrei Ionescu, Octavian Arseni, Dorin Dersidan, Viorel Ion, Deea Buzdugan, Mario Deaconescu, Dorian Basamac, Dan Bacanu, Cristi Marinescu, Alex Marinescu, Cosmin Apreotesei.


2015 FRY Official Results: